Welcome to FlightTrack!

This app is primarily intended for pilots that want a convenient way to track log book data automatically while flying and taxing.

The app utilize the sensors in the iPhone to automatically detect and keep track of when the plane starts taxing and when it gets airborne etc; there is no need to note down and calculate block-time,take off and landing times by hand while flying.


"This app will provide you with all time related flight data for your log book automatically, you only need to swipe the slider before you start taxing and slide it back once you are done flying to summarize your flight!"


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Latest News!

Version 1.2 out now!


Available also for iPad on Apple App Store! 


Check out iPad screenshots in the menu or download FlightTrack via the App Store button link above!





This tool is not an official FAA/ICAO application and should only be used as a complement to aid you in your regular flight routines.





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