Portrait mode....

Just swipe the slider right to start track for a blocks off situation.

FlightTrack  will detect when the movements are more than walking speed and will by then start measuring the block time.


Select your pre-defined plane from the popup-menu each time you start a flight.







Landscape mode....

As with the iPhone app, FlightTrack  provides the current status off your current flight in the main window.


Block time and air time wil keep counting seconds until a landing is detected and the status changes from AIR to TAXI.


It is important to keep a good GPS coverage so look for the GPS OK  sign to get correct log book figures





Flight log book

Scroll down the log book to all stored info about any previous flights.






 THE Most ConvEnient way to log YOUR FLIGHT




Split screen

FlightTrack supports all kinds of split screens. It is not a problem to have 1/3 of the screen with FlightTrack and the other 2/3 running som navigation software etc. 




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