Before flight....

Just swipe the slider right to start track for a blocks off situation.

FlightTrack  will detect when the movements are more than walking speed and will by then start measuring the block time.


Change between local time or UTC time in settings menu before flight if wanted 




During flight....

FlightTrack is designed to work in background mode with screen turned off, letting you focus on your flight.


However, while active, FlightTrack  provides the current status off your current flight in the main window.


Block time and air time wil keep counting seconds until a landing is detected and the status changes from AIR to TAXI.


It is important to keep a good GPS coverage so look for the GPS OK  sign to get correct log book figures





In the flight office....

Enter the log book page and swipe through the list off previous flights or select your latest flight to retrive the flight details figures.


Remove log book entries by swiping left and press delete.


Select a log book entry and send a mail with your log book data.


Or you can have peek at the flight statistics that summaries the log book entries in terms of airtime and block time etc.




After flight....

Swipe the slider back to the left when checklist  is done to conclude your flight and retrive the block time and flight time


All parameters seen in the Flight summary have been transfered to your log book page for later referencing. (Book symbol)


Touch and Go landings will be detected and the 'LANDING' time will always show the time of the last landing.


 THE Most ConvEnient way to log YOUR FLIGHT

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